The Merits of Habit


One of my favourite places in town is Habit Coffee.  I can ride there on my bike (admittedly I do this more during the summer) and meet my husband for a mid morning break.  Not only does it have great coffee – it also has a feel that I find energizing – cool periodicals, great music, vegan goodies…

My husband flipped me this photo one morning when I couldn’t join him.  Even without being there it made me smile and feel good.  Is this daily ritual a good thing or, is it turning into a bad habit?  As my mother might say, “Coffee is like the new smoking – just think how much money you are spending every day not to mention the time you are wasting!”

I was understandably happy to find an article in the Globe and Mail that suggested that in fact coffee breaks are good for productivity.  Not only that, it states that studies have found that the social interaction associated with taking coffee breaks is especially important for knowledge workers (or consultants) who frequently work in isolation from their peers. 

Getting out there in the world and connecting with people is critical for boosting the ability to remain creative and productive.  So remember that next time you head to your favourite spot for a break – think of it as a productivity boost rather than a work break – an investment in your creativity quotient.

Where do you most like to hang out for a break?  What makes you feel energized and ready to tackle that next tough task?