Does Your Organization:

  • Have a complex business challenge and no time or in-house expertise to manage it?
  • Need an external eye to see the depth and breadth of a business or organizational challenge and suggest a way forward?
  • Want to bring people together to find solutions, create plans for the future or build relationships?


View some of the testimonials from stakeholders that Sheila has assisted:
Testimonials for Sheila Beauchemin

Sheila can provide you with:

An advisor who will:

  • Define your issue and recommend improvements.
  • Manage specific projects and help your team achieve key deliverables.

A facilitator to:

  • Facilitate planning events, executive retreats and
    team meetings.
  • Help your team identify problems and develop solutions.
  • Deliver stakeholder engagement and consultation sessions.

A Communicator who produces: 

  • Simple, easily understood strategic communications about complex issues.
  • Research and analysis of your policy and/or business issues.

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Beauchemin AdvisorBeauchemin Facilitation ServicesBeauchemin Communicator

You gain:

  • Reduced stress from knowing you have access to a senior resource to fill your strategic management gap.
  • Creative approaches to your unique requirements and specific needs.
  • Effective use of your resources.
  • Better thinking, better buy-in and better all-around decision making.

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