Business Services

Sheila works to help organizations find solutions to complex business issues. She is dedicated to making that journey one that relieves stress – is even enjoyable – while delivering effective results.

She offers services to her clients in the following capacities: Advisor, Facilitator, Communicator. Sheila will happily discuss which service – or combination of services – might be right to tackle the issue your business faces. Contact Sheila.


As an Advisor Sheila will:

Sheila Beauchemin AdvisorYou know you have a business challenge but just can’t seem to step far enough away from day-to-day operations and entrenched positions to see it clearly.  Or, all too often, you know what action to take but don’t have the time or internal expertise to manage it.

Sheila provides organizations with a senior resource that brings an objective lens to your issues and helps you find solutions or develop products that address your complex issues.  She has extensive experience working within government structures, legislation and decision making processes and a strong knowledge of aboriginal issues.

Sheila works collaboratively with clients to undertake:

  • Policy analysis and development
  • Issue definition and solution development
  • Priority setting
  • Process and organizational reviews and improvement recommendations


As a Communicator Sheila will:

Sheila Beauchemin FacilitatorWith the amount and complexity of information available these days, the ability to understand its significance and present it in a way that can be used for effective decision-making and direction setting is critical for success.

Sheila provides clients with simple, easy to understand documents about their complex issues.  She has spent the majority of her career writing for decision makers and knows how to structure facts and arguments.  She is a clear and critical thinker.  Leveraging her facilitation skills, she is adept at managing input from multiple authors and subject area experts.

Sheila provides clients with usable documents such as:

  • Research, reports and presentation materials
  • Focus group findings and recommendations
  • Discussion papers and policy documents


As a Facilitator Sheila will:

Sheila Beauchemin CommunicatorIt is not acceptable that valuable time and scarce resources are wasted on unproductive, unfocused and downright boring meetings.

As a Certified Professional Facilitator™, Sheila helps groups break this cycle and leave meetings feeling energized about the conversation and motivated to take action. She creates an environment that encourages effective dialogue and draws out collective wisdom; and, leaves groups with documentation that can be used to implement lasting change.

Sheila works with organizations to facilitate:

  • Board, executive or team retreats
  • Teambuilding gatherings
  • Creative thinking and solution development sessions
  • Resolution of difficult group dynamics
  • Consultation and stakeholder engagement

Sheila helps groups create:

  • Strategic, business and market development plans
  • Implementation Plans
  • Organizational improvement and reorganization plans