Strengths and Background

Organizations, whether in the public or private sector, often face tricky issues.  Being too immersed in the daily functioning of the organization can make it hard to define issues let alone manage them.

With over 20 years experience in management positions in BC, Sheila understands the challenges you face.  She is a senior resource that can come up to speed quickly, observe your situation from the outside and offer positive ways to move forward with realistic solutions.

Since 2004, she has helped clients by providing advice about policy and management issues, and has undertaken organizational and business process reviews.  Sheila has translated that advice into strategic communication documents that support decision making such as board and/or cabinet decision papers, and research and analysis of policy and/or business issues.

Sheila was certified as a professional facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators in 2011. She has designed and delivered team meetings, leadership retreats, prioritization exercises, and strategic planning processes to groups ranging in size from six to over 200.

Prior to consulting, Sheila held management positions in the areas of corporate services, treaty negotiation, economic and financial policy, and treasury management during a 12-year career with the provincial public service in British Columbia.  She holds a Masters of Public Administration and a BA Economics (Honours) from the University of Victoria, BC.

Guiding Principles

Strong partnerships create positive and lasting outcomes.  When working with you, Sheila:

  • Takes the time to listen to your situation and understand your organization.
  • Provides regular updates, adapts to your changing needs and is available to you when you need her.
  • Collaborates to create shared ownership in usable and lasting results.

Every project requires thorough preparation and a unique approach.  Sheila will work with you to:

  • Define the project, your organization’s role, and the outcomes you expect.
  • Apply past experiences and best practices to create a project approach that meets your business needs, priorities and circumstances.

Practical, usable results and implementation plans are a must.  Because every dollar counts, Sheila ensures that:

  • Every billable hour is productive.
  • The results of each assignment can be implemented to deliver results.
  • She understands emerging business trends by investing in personal learning and professional development.